Las Vegas Casinos Relegate Their Workers To Abandonment

Recent news reports have given rise to serious allegations about the behavior of Las Vegas casinos and their owners against gambling industry workers.

As Everyone Knows Las Vegas Became An Empty City After The Casino Stop Determined By The Local Government

It decreed the closure of all non-essential businesses at the onset of the Corona virus crisis in the United States and that included the famous Vegas Casinos. Once bright and lively Las Vegas is now a veritable ghost town.

This movement caused massive unemployment as thousands of workers who were employed in dozens of hotels and casinos in the city ended up being laid off

According to the industry union the vast majority of casinos would fire their employees with a payout for a maximum of two weeks, with the exception of Wynn and Encore who continue to strive to support their employees.

The Drama Can Be Expressed In The Speech Of Devra Jeffries, Who Has Been A Waitress For Decades In A Well-Known Casino In Las Vegas, According To Her:

“We have to feed our families, put food on the table, the bills pile up… Seeing how our community crumbled with Las Vegas turned into a ghost town is devastating.”

The casino closures were the final blow to an industry that was already being severely damaged by government campaigns to stay home and bans on international travel. These measures had already left the casinos to decline and to get worse at the beginning of the period of the year when there is more traffic in Vegas and when everyone has the chance to earn more money.

But things could get even worse. Without a perspective of reopening and normalization of operations, losses will be billionaires. According to the betting trade association of the United States, AGA, if the lockdown remains active until May the industry of Vegas (casinos, bars and restaurants) will fail to earn something around 43.5 billion dollars.

For the Culinary syndicate, it’s time for billionaire casino owners in Vegas to show solidarity and help the community. Companies such as MGM and Caesar’s are able to do so.” The representative of the Geoconda Arguello-Kline organization said:

“We feel that now the casino industry has abandoned its workers … it’s a very painful situation” “All these gaming companies know they are the heart of Las Vegas”

The two companies mentioned in the report responded to the allegations differently. Caesar’s did not respond to inquiries.

MGM, on the other hand, said that the closure and layoffs are aimed at “securing resources not only to reopen, but also to operate successfully” and the best way to help these workers will be “the best thing to do for your employees in the long term is to bring them them back to work in the long term.”

MGM also ensures an effort for the dismissed to find temporary jobs in other companies. What at the moment should be quite complicated and promises the creation of an emergency relief fund.

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